Possible Bug when using user template


I installed kicad (what else ?) version (5.0.2)-1
I started to explore its possibilities and I think I found a small bug : when building a template I’ve done exactly what was described in the pdf doc, but made a small mistake : instead of labelling the subdirectory “meta” I typed “Meta”. The result of it was that every new project built with ctrl-T now ALSO contains a subdir named “Meta” (which should not happen).
Renaming my “Meta” into “meta” in my template directory solved the problem.
In my humble opinion capitalizing a directory name should not have this result.
This being said, as a long time Altium user (long like 30+ years) I am really impressed by what you’ve done !!!

Jacques from Brussels.


What operating system are you using? The linux file system is case sensitive. KiCad is forced to be case sensitve for this reason (strange things happen otherwise -> one could for example have both the Meta and meta directory under linux. How should kicad handle that case?)

All kicad stuff must work the same no matter what operating system it runs on. If the devs would make an exception for window (because it is case insensitive) how would your template behave when you share it with somebody on linux?


Running Windows 10 64 bits.
I understand your explanation, although Windoze seems to be case sensitive here…

J from B