Possible bug in Schematic editor

Application: kicad
Version: 4.0.4+e1-6308~48~ubuntu16.04.1-stable release build
wxWidgets: Version 3.0.2 (debug,wchar_t,compiler with C++ ABI 1009,GCC 5.4.0,wx containers,compatible with 2.8)
Platform: Linux 4.4.0-38-generic x86_64, 64 bit, Little endian, wxGTK
Boost version: 1.58.0

Trying to add custom fields in schematic editor Template field names via menu item

Preferences -> Schematic Editor options

When you add a new field, the field name and value are saved as “fieldname” and “value” - the user input is not used - looks like some minor bug .

How do you check that the user input is not used?

When you click add - the new field gets added on to the top part of the screen, That always adds “fieldname” and “value” irrespective of what you enter in the fieldname text input fields.

Have a blank screen like this

Now entering the value as below and pressing add


However after adding if you change the field settings in the Name and Default value fields they get reflected on the added value even without pressing “Add”.

I think some field on change call is incorrectly getting called in the code.

Add just adds them, then you change them to what you want.
I guess it could be more intuitive, but that’s how it looked like when I was testing.
At least the fields are there then, I thought they get lost in the process down the road.

PS: if you want them for parts/symbols in your libs (prefilled) you have to add them to the footprints one by one (or with a text editor or some 3rd party tool) to make them work…