Positions file -- bug in 5.1.6?

There seems to have been a change in the Positions file in 5.1.6 with respect to 5.1.5 (or whatever the current version was back in February).

I had this board that I ordered and was manufactured … (happy ending … I got the boards).

I need to re-order, and I made one very minor change: I rotated one component on the top side.

I generate the Positions file now, keeping the previous positions file.

When I run:

[···]$ diff positions-file-original-board.csv positions-file-rev-2.csv

I see the difference in the one component I changed, but I also see all of the components on the bottom layer with the X coordinated negated (i.e., negative values — all of them have the same magnitude, just a minus sign in front). Example (excerpt):

< "C7","0.1uF","C_0603_1608Metric",72.850000,55.310000,0.000000,bottom
< "C8","0.1uF","C_0603_1608Metric",65.220000,54.040000,180.000000,bottom
> "C7","0.1uF","C_0603_1608Metric",-72.850000,55.310000,0.000000,bottom
> "C8","0.1uF","C_0603_1608Metric",-65.220000,54.040000,180.000000,bottom
< "D1","TVS","D_SOD-323",66.810000,46.650000,270.000000,top
> "D1","TVS","D_SOD-323",67.200000,47.450000,0.000000,top

(D1 is the one that I changed)

I omitted the complete output, but it would seem like all of the components on the bottom layer got the x-coordinate multipled times ‒1

Is this a bug introduced in 5.1.6?

Or maybe I inadvertently changed some settings on the board or when generating the output? (since I did change some traces, I did go to the Board Settings page and made changes; However, I’m essentially 100%… say, 99.99% certain that I didn’t change any settings or any other changes to the board; just added a trace width and changed the differential pairs values)


Is it the same as this? Footprint Position File X coordinates suddenly negative

Looks like it refers to the same issue, yes.

So, am I understanding correctly that this was a bug fix, and not a bug, introduced in 5.1.6???

Are the coordinates supposed to be negative when on the bottom layer? (I assume fabs would manually adjust those? I know I sent the positions file for manufacturing last February; I have a copy of the files I sent them, and the coordinates were positive; they assembled/populated the boards correctly)


I am finding some evidence that bottom side positioning is as viewed from the top and should be positive
the linked example is +ve and

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