Positioning pin names


I just got the latest version of all Kicad software. I created a component to use in my schematics. The part is basically a rectangle with pins on all four sides.

I’ve placed it on a schematic and can not find any way to reposition the names of the pins. I did see how I can change the “pin offset” … which for my part, shifts the pin left or right (for pins on left & right side of part). When I connect a wire to the pin, the wire goes straight through the pin name … making it unreadable.

I played with the “place pin names inside”, which for me moved the pin names on top of the pin numbers - making them unreadable.

It’s looking to me like the only option for me to have “pin names” and pin numbers is to make the actual pin names NULL, and then add text labels inside the component body …. a some what awkward step.

Am I missing another, more sensible option ?



Can you post a screenshot please?

This is the standard case afaik:


The only things you can change are:
Place pin names inside vs outside (for all pins of the symbol with one setting. Sadly not individually)
name offset (for all pins of the symbol with one setting. Sadly not individually. Ignored if names are on the outside.)
Font size (per pin)

I don’t quite get how the wire can go through the pin name (or number)
Did you perhaps rotate the pin in the wrong direction? (The small circle is where the wire connects. It should always point towards the outside of the symbol.)


Can you take a screen shot and post it here?


I had the pins backwards. All better now.



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