Portable KiCad (nightly build) in Windows


I just tested portable KiCad pre-5 in Windows 10, meaning that I can copy KiCad into e.g. a usb stick and run it from there, hopefully without leaving any traces into the system. I just didn’t test it with an external drive yet, nor did I do any in-depth testing.

I just copied a whole existing KiCad installation from C:\Program Files to another folder. Then I made this batch script:

set KIPATH=%~dp0
set KICAD_CONFIG_HOME=%KIPATH%\userfiles\conf
rem Set all possible paths if you want, but KiCad guesses at least most of them correctly

and named it “kicad.bat”, and saved it in the new KiCad folder. I created userfiles\conf\ manually under the new KiCad folder.

KiCad can be run successfully by double clicking kicad.bat. Pcbnew and eeschema find the correct libraries.


and stored it in that folder.


Yeah, I remembered that only later. The original post is now edited.

Technical note if someone is interested: %~dp0 is the path (drive and path) of the batch file when it is run. The file can be located somewhere else than the KiCad base folder, but the path strings must then be changed accordingly.