Polygon vertices

I say chaps,
How can I edit polygon vertices? The only property I can edit seems to be the layer. I want to draw hexagons of a certain size and make hexagonal PCBs.

There’s currently no way to do that apart from writing a script or modifying the file manually. For this use case you need lines in Edge.Cuts layer and you could draw the outline as DXF in some other program which can do that and save as DXF, then import it to KiCad PCB Editor.

Thank you eelik, drawing 6 lines, which can be edited, in Edge.Cuts works for me.

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Wat you can do is draw some line, then create a circular array of that line, and then use the end points of that line as snap points to draw your hexagon.

Sounds like a good plan. That’s not of course editing “polygon vertices” as I understand a “polygon” in KiCad. There doesn’t exist a way to edit real polygon’s corners or vertices in KiCad. A bunch of segments is the traditional way to draw outlines in KiCad. The polygon tool can be used, but it translates immediately and automatically to bunch of lines in v5. In v6 a real polygon works.

This works for me:

  1. Eeschema / View / Grid Settings and set the origin to (100, 100) just to have a reference.
  2. Draw some random line segment on Dwgs.User
  3. Right click on the selected line segment, and select "Create Array** from the popup menu.
  4. Draw a polygon with 6 sides on the same layer.
  5. Drag each of the corners of the polygon to the endpoint of one of the line segments. Note that a circle appears if KiCad recognises a snap point.
  6. Delete the lines from the array created in step 3).

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