Polygon label/ Fill zone

That looks neeeaaaaaat. Thx for sharing.


P.S: Do I just need to download the version and compile it? Is there a how-to of the feature somewhere?

yes, but I don’t know why there are 4 repos, one for via stitching, one for via shielding, one for round trace and one for net solder clearance …
I’m going to contact Ben and I’ll be back :smile:

Looks amazing!

Depends on the frequency of intest. If you’re interested in general RF work.
That means HF bands to 30 MHz, low VHF/UHF (~150 MHz to 800 MHz for UHF) I can recommend:

It is a very detailed book with nice examples and not too heavy on the theory. It will introduce you to all basic concepts such as smith charts, transmission lines and parasitics of components.

If you are interested in real microwave stuff > 3 GHz you could take a look at the books of Les Besser Volume I (Passives, mixers, filters) & Volume II (active devices, amplifiers,…)

That should give a nice general overview. Beware though once you start down the path of the Dark Side of RF Engineering you might never recover. :smile:

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thaks a lot!
I’m going to buy those books…

I knew that! :scream:

I also found these AD slides that seem quite interesting

@viniciuslbar @tipofthesword @Joan_Sparky
if you are interested, Ben told me that he has just updated his RF branch, merging all the branches in one rf_merge branch, aligned to latest pcbnew
I downloaded and built it and it is really nice :smiley:

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