Pointing exisiting github symbol repos to gitlab

I’ve been using the github repos for my main symbol libraries. I just updated to the latest available on github. Will there be any issues if I point my local repos to the new gitlab versions? Or should I delete the locals and just do a new clone? I’m using Kicad 5.1.6

I did notice that in the latest pull from github a few symbol names had changed and I updated the schematic I’m currently working on. Thanks.

These repos have diverged (mainly because of “this one is obosolete” notices added to GH after the migration to GL).
Starting with fresh clones is probably the most straightforward option. (As long as you’re not using local branches containing your own symbols and such, of course)

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Also be aware that the current master branch is already transferred to the new file format (in preparation for the version 6 release). Which means this branch can not be used for 5.1.x versions of kicad.

There is a v5 branch that i assume holds the last library state that is compatible with version 5.1.x.

I used the master branch which is maybe why some symbol names were changed. For example the _alt symbols got changed to _filled. I see that there is a v5 branch in both repos. I will clone the v5 branch in the new repo and I am expecting that my diodes (symbol names) will change again.

Maybe there should be a warning on the github/gitlab site re the v5 branch?

The officially supported way to get libraries is by use of the installer of whatever platform you are on (or at least from the release page of github/gitlab). Deviating from that means it is your responsibility to ensure that what you get is compatible with your installation and more importantly that it is what you want. Nobody can ever protect every user against every possible way to screw up.

However, of note is that the readme of the master branch states very clearly that this version of the library is for the version 6 release (written in bold font). I doubt it can be made any more clear than that.

Additionally, there is no guarantee that symbol names do not change even between officially released versions. At least in the past I ensured that any such changes are transparently communicated on the release pages of github (also available on gitlab). The last such reports I can find is from 5.1.7 (5.1.8 points to the same commit so the same reports are valid for this release and only one commit was made between 5.1.7/8 and 5.1.9 so it is really not a big deal that these reports were not recreated). https://gitlab.com/kicad/libraries/kicad-symbols/-/releases

I deemed it enough to mention “Fix NC pin positions in Regulator_Linear” instead of attaching the report listing every single one of those pins…

But back to topic: I think it is generally understood that a master branch isn’t stable.

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