Plugins to get Statistics of the PCB

I have search and found no results …

Is there a plugins or built-in feature to get statistics of the circuit board like

  • number of vias
  • board size
  • number of traces ( f / b )
  • length of traces
  • via sizes
  • number of nets
  • other interesting stats


KiCommand can do this. A command called getbottomrowcounts gets the row of numbers on the bottom left of the pcbnew window (nets, vias, tracks, etc.). I use it as part of the unit tests. More statistics can be gathered with custom commands.

There’s no built-in feature in v5.1. In the developement version 5.99 there’s this:



In my designs I use a similar statistics script with some details that I find interesting. For example the amount of solder paste that I may need for large manufacturing series or even the component density per layer (TOP / BOTTOM). This last information can be very useful when we have some components in the design and we do not know if they will fit within the area determined by the PCB. The problem is that due to lack of time I have not finished calculating the ‘real’ area, which is not trivial since it involves subtracting holes, milling and above all, taking into account the curved contour lines.

do you have a GH repo?

No, but I attach the script in case you want to take a look. I am not an expert python programmer. You will see, it is very (1.4 KB)