Plugins aren't showing in Kicad 6.0 (ubuntu 22.04LTS) !?

Hello all,

Installed plugins aren’t showing in pcbnew toolbar!? I am using Kicad 6.0 on an ubuntu 22.04LTS machine.

Plugins install with no problems both from the plugin manager and from a file.

Tools > External Plugins > Open Plugin directory opens the following directory “/home/u_nes/.local/share/kicad/6.0/scripting” and it is empty! (Plugins files should be here !? right!?)

Checking the kicad folder I found out that plugins are installed here “/home/u_nes/.local/share/kicad/6.0/3rdparty”

Tried copying the plugin folder to the “scripting” folder but still plugins aren’t showing in pcbnew toolbar!?
You can see in attached images that “Interactive html bom” is installed in plugin manager but it isn’t showing in toolbar or the external plugin drop-down!

Can someone help me fix this please?

Thanks in advance,

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Also, when related to but reports always use full version info, copied from … / Help / About / Copy Version Info.


Had the same issue after upgrading to Ubuntu 22.04.1.

It appears KiCad package needs to be updated manually, here’s what I did to fix it:

  1. Re-add PPA, as described: Install on Ubuntu | KiCad EDA
  2. Run sudo apt update
  3. Run sudo apt install --reinstall kicad
$ sudo apt install kicad
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree... Done
Reading state information... Done
kicad is already the newest version (6.0.7-0-202207261932+f9a2dced07~116~ubuntu22.04.1).

And now scripting console and plugins work.