@hayden, does not work for this test PCB (tmp.7z (4.5 KB)) , could you try at your PC?


Such plugin would be a saver for me!! :slight_smile:

Application: KiCad (64-bit)

Version: (5.99.0-12941-g5475303ec2), release build

	wxWidgets 3.1.5
	libcurl/7.78.0-DEV Schannel zlib/1.2.11

Platform: Windows 10 (build 19042), 64-bit edition, 64 bit, Little endian, wxMSW

Build Info:
	Date: Oct 24 2021 12:00:23
	wxWidgets: 3.1.5 (wchar_t,wx containers)
	Boost: 1.76.0
	OCC: 7.5.0
	Curl: 7.78.0-DEV
	ngspice: 35
	Compiler: Visual C++ 1929 without C++ ABI

Build settings:

I just bumped into a manual panelization tutorial for KiCad posted on a PCB manufacturer website:

And a simple search brings up a bunch of other panelization tools for KiCad, including some links to Hackaday:

Panelization is not high on the priority list of the lead KiCad developers. All current methods I know of are ad-hoc and cumbersome workarounds.
One problem with the current methods is that the netlists of the different instances get merged. Another (and probably even more important) issue is that there usually is no easy method to update the PCB’s in a panel once the panel has been made. Another problem with these simple approaches is that the references get duplicated, and this does not work well with pick and place machines, and more automation is one of the main reasons for a panelization tool in the first place.

Other methods for panelization are 3rd- party (commercial) progams that work with gerber files, or you can have your PCB manufacturer generate the panel for you.

If a real integrated panelization tool in KiCad is important to you, you can upvote it here:

The original version of this plugin does not currently support kicad5.99. The one I used is modified from the original version and has some bugs

Could you share modified version (v6 compatible)? I would need to modify it myself anyway, and also, I panelize only very simple boards, so bugs can be spotted visuall at yearly stage.

Here are all the KICAD5.99 plug-ins I used

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Thank you very much! I confirm, panelization plugin from your zip works with 5.99 (and spotted a bug - no tab is added). I will definitely play with this plugin - essential time saver for me. Thank you very much for promoting it here! :slight_smile:

@DrabGips, this is your first message, you just joined and didn’t read the forum before posting. You just copied from an earlier post and pasted it as your message. This makes me wonder if you are a spammer or a real KiCad user. Could you identify yourself?