Plugin installation does not work

I use KiCad 7.0 and would like to install a plugin. The corresponding plugin is downloaded, then the following error message appears: Downloading package url: ‘
Extracting package ‘org.openscopeproject.InteractiveHtmlBom’.
Error extracting file!
Removing downloaded archive ‘’.
The message always comes when I want to install a plugin, no matter which one.
I use Windows 11, there it works, with ArchLinux the error occurs.

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If you download that file manually and then use “install from file…” feature in plugin manager, does that work?
If not then it may be some permissions issue. Check that you have write access to the folder (and all it’s subfolders) that is opened through “open package directory” in plugin manager.

You were right in your assumption, the permissions were on root. I have changed the rights to my user and now everything works.
many thanks


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