Plugin for list all alternative pin

Is there any plugin for generating a list of all pin & alternative pin of a symbol. I design symbol for LaunchXL-F280039C. It will be good to use the pin list as a reminder for configuring microcontroller’s GPIO.


It would be nice if the alternative pin names were added to Symbol Editor / Edit / Pin Table. It’s one of those many small things that could be added to KiCad to improve it. I’ve been thinking of making a feature request for this myself, but first I have to get KiCad V7.99 running, and then also check with gitlab for an already open feature request.

I don’t think alternatives pin will fit into pin table. Some MCU has 12 alternatives for single GPIO pin.

Try right clicking on the top header row. It opens a menu in which you can select columns.

And columns can be as narrow as 90 pixels (such as the length and position columns), which means I have room for 28 more columns on my monitor, and people with small monitors can easily fit a handful (which is enough for most IC’s), disable some other columns, adjust width or use the scrollbar at the bottom of the window.

Seems like we have misunderstood this. I was think of each alternatives is expanded into one column each. So there will be 13 columns wide just for name.

Looks like you think about one column for alternatives, and each cell contains dropdown list for the alternatives.

I mean for plugin for list all as expanded list. By many column or sub-row for each name. So I can quick-look as overview.

No, See:

I am wondering where the misunderstanding originated. The dropdown I showed is for enabling and disabling columns.

This also reminds me of an old side project for KiCad. It was (is?) a project to extract data from .pdf datasheets, copy it into a spreadsheet, add some meta data and then a script turns it into a valid KiCad symbol.

I’m sorry, So it means expanded anyway.

The columns idea was proposed a while back:

I wasn’t much of a fan of that GUI presentation, but the feature itself is still being tracked: