Pls recommend footprint for this qfp44 to through-hole adapter



This adapter here is a 44 pin SMD to through hole adapter. Can anyone recommend which footprint to use for the same.

Arvind Gupta


I can’t find a datsheet with measurements. (The pictures are worthless in reality. One picture with measurements would help a lot.)
I assume everything is on 2.54mm raster?
But you might need to buy it and measure the hole placements once you get the part. (Maybe make a drawing of the measurements and post it here afterwards to help future buyers.)

If you have the measurements it should be an easy enough job to make this footprint or to verify any footprint you find. (Don’t just take some footprint without verifying it!)


Surely you don’t want to make boards like that when you can buy them for $0.23?

Do you have a target IC in mind that you want to mount on this board?


Well… I dont want to make these boards… I wanted to solder 44 pin smd CPLDs and then solder them on the PCB which I wanted to make. In case I am not able to solder the IC properly/it goes bad, I can replace the through hole adapter without damaging the rest of the board. The non-soldering adapter/sockets - in which one can easily replace the ICs are expensive (about $15 a piece).

Arvind Gupta


Yes, I was wondering about that, still cheap at $1.71 and you get 9 free! Doesn’t seem cost effective to make my own, but perhaps the OP wants to do more.

As for the footprint, I would start with the official lib and add the hole in the middle (assuming hand soldering is desired). The KiCad fp is Housings_DFN_QFN:QFN-44-1EP_7x7mm_Pitch0.5mm

Edit: so you want the pin grid ? You will need to create that I think, I very much doubt you’ll find one already made. It’s a good opportunity to learn the footprint editor :slight_smile: