Plotting Gerber files in mils

How do I outout Gerber files in Inches instead of Metric

Gerber output in inches has been deprecated for many years and KiCad does not currently support it (since at least 2014) in the GUI.

You can use the Python scripting command SetGerberCoordinatesFormat() with the parameter aUseInches = True to accomplish this in the scripting console. Note that we haven’t really tested this output format in some time, so be careful when doing this.


I’ll give that a try.

thank you

I don’t suppose you know which .py file that is in

Pcbnew / Tools / Scripting Console


Then open the file: “/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/” in a text editor, and search for “SetGerber”.

Geany finds 11 matches:

That should get you closer, but I do now very well how this Python scripting stuff works.

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Why do you want to output in inches?
In other words, what problem do you run into when you output metric?

The fabs are expecting metric, so you risk a scale error if you make an imperial Gerber file

I did give a direct answer, but I do agree wit Frederik and davidrsb.
Why do you want this?

Maybe they’ve been planting Imperial gerberas. :blossom: :rofl:

I found it in the file, and changed it to no avail. It still wants to output in millimiters.

an odd thing happened though. I no longer see the file, although the windows explorer search function sees it.

But why do you want to output in imperial units?

this sounds like an x-y problem

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