Plot several layers to same file (PDF)

I want to be able to plot multiple layers to one file, intent is to make assembly drawings in PDF. I thought there used to be an option “plot all to same file”? I know the Print function can do it but the resulting PDF is not text searchable.

you could take a look at this:

it is in the “Content Manager” so easy to install and try

EDIT: In v5.x there wasn’t an option to print to one pdf either


Thanks for the tip. I did a test run. It does make texts text searchable which is nice. But I find it strange that I can specify the color of one of the layers, the others are black(?).

Edit: I also made a feature request

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That’s not right… You’re able to specify the colors of any layers. If you use the default templates I created (and enable the two disabled colored templates) the result will be something like this:

armory-Assembly.pdf (590.9 KB)
hackrf-one-Assembly.pdf (834.0 KB)

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You’re right, I didn’t see the layer color text field update when highlighting the different layers. It would be nice though if it could fetch the colors from PCB Editor. But thanks for letting me know.

The feature of plotting different layer to one pdf was moved to v7 but it is apparently being worked on:

That’s something I haven’t thought about. Is that really a good idea? If the background in Pcbnew is black and the background in the pdf is white, is there any color palette that would look good in both? There is however a feature request to be able to plot negative layers, which if implemented could possibly make the area around the pcb black.

If you want the ability to use the colors from Pcbnew, please add a feature request as an Issue in the Gitlab project. I’m not sure if it’s possible using the current Python API, but it might be possible.

I’m not sure how that feature should work. It could be a simple checkbox of the entire template. In that case you’re not able to specify the color of any layer of that template in the plugin. It could also be a “copy colors from pcbnew” button?

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When you plot to PDF it’s on white background and same when printing. I haven’t really thought about it not being graphically right, but when I see your assembly drawings I must admit the color scheme looks good and even way better.

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