Plot schematic with python

Hey guys, is it possible to plot/print/export as svg image the schematic pages with python similar as we can do with the layout? Any possible idea on how to achieve that?

There is no API for it but people have done it using GUI emulation.

I see, I was using this in the past. Now I was looking for something simpler. Do you know if we are going to see something related to this on the new version 6?

V6 is supposed to have eeschema api. But whether or not the api will have export capability I don’t know. @Seth_h is working on it.

Cool, @Seth_h do you have any draft of things that are going to appear in this python api for Eeschma v6?

I know we cannot ask for more features now, but being able to export SVG images of the schematics would be really nice since it may allow generating easily image diffs for schematics as we can have for layouts (as in the KiCad-Diff tool)

There is one similar tool for schematics (plotkicadsch), but it uses a different language which makes the integration more complex.

So having this ability on Kicad would be great.

The import/export functions are mapped.

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