Plot as .DXF Export to Send to CNC Fabrication


In the past, I’ve used the Plot to Export DXF to send to software for laser cutters with reasonable success.

I used KiCad as a means to create a .DXF file intended to be sent to Water Jet fabrication.

KiCads .DXF in MM was interpreted as being in Inches; what should have been about 3 inches ended up being over 6.5’ FEET !!!

Was this a KiCad Export setting issue?

Or, was it the Fab House Import setting issue?




DXF File Format

What would normally be done in a “real” CAD program, I was able to do with KiCad and it’s Export to .DXF feature. As stated above, the company software interpreted 78mm as 78 inches, but otherwise everything else worked and I ended up with a finished product done very inexpensively.

These designs were cut with a Water Jet machine and the results are better than I had expected. If there is any posted interest I can provide photos of how well this actually worked out in the real world with photos of the actual end cut parts.


Apparently, yes. Check which has been very recently commited by @Seth_h


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