Please Update top menu link

Under “KiCad” in the top menu, there is a link to the “Getting Started” documentation. This currently points to 7 and it should point to 8 at this point

@ChrisGammell up to 20… sigh…
Last I looked you could keep 20 chars for new users only… :wink:

And, as @retiredfeline mentions: One Tag (beside Categories) needs updating from 7.99 to 8.99

This is done

Created a new v8_99 tag, we shouldn’t need to update the old one, correct?


Hi @ChrisGammell

I don’t yet see a tag for 8.99

The 7.99 tag needs to be removed from the options but existing posts with that tag should be left alone.

Do you see an 8.99 tag, or is my eyesight deceiving me?

I saw it on one post but not as an option.

Ok, now I see v8_99 as a completion option for tags when I try to create a new topic.

Yup, 8_99 tag now present.

Housekeeping all done for now :grinning: