Please review my footprint for errors / improvements


Hi all,

This is my first attempt at creating a component footprint. It is a female scart pcb socket.

The datasheet can be found here : CS-104.pdf (113.3 KB)

The footprint can be found here : SCART-CS-104.kicad_mod (3.3 KB)

Note that I have added the yellow “Edge.Cuts” layer by drawing the lines, then manually changing the layer to Edge.Cuts in a text editor as per previous advice.

Advice on any and all improvements would be great.
It would be good to know that the footprint is ‘correct’ against the datasheet.

Thank you in advance for the support


Square slots are difficult and possibly expensive to manufacture. Maybe you should make an oval slot, about 3mm in x direction and y so long that the straight edge is about 3mm? That would be a simple oval pad in KiCad. It would be easier for the manufacturer.


That would basically end up being a circle right? I would be making these boards with OSHPark, do you know if they favour ovals against square?


No, it’s a rounded longish slot. Just try it - make a pad, set the properties to Shape: Oval; Hole Shape: Oval, and different x and y dimensions. You could of course make just a round hole, but I think the idea of the straight edge is that the case (edit: the “hooks” in the case) will snap against it.


They have a whole page dedicated to that information: It looks like your square slots would be supported.


3A rating for the pins?
I’ve always found SCART connectors weird, didn’t even know they still existed…

If you have made your footprint it is always a good idea to test it before you have the PCB manufactured.
Here are some ideas to do that:


Perhaps somebody could actually download my footprint, and compare it against the datasheet for accuracy. That is what I am interested in.

I like the tips in the post @paulvdh highlighted, but I don’t yet own the specific connector so can’t test it out as accurately as the print suggestion proposes.

Additionally, when I use the 3d Viewer, my footprint looks like this:
Before I added the Edge.Cuts it looked as if it was actually on a board…so I believe there is a problem somewhere here?


The 3d viewer is one of the things that does not really support edge cut drawings in footprints.
When you add the footprint to a board that has an edgecut defined the 3d viewer will work.


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