Please make money off me converting my design into something a fab house can use to make me pcbs!

its a simple design with no components, just traces. I have drawings dxf or stp or whatever you’d want. its just two sided, 2oz, with slots, holes, fat traces, and thin. that’s it.

i cant download an attachment here since im new.

its for batteries. ive tested a similar design in the past but its hard to find people who will convert like i need done.

(removed by mod, use PM if you want.)
call anytime before 11pm pacific time california.

In the beginning of May, at the same time of this original post, I put a few hours into this, an hummie never delivered on his promises.

More about this here:

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We can!Please contact me!

You can what?
Work for free for someone who does not follow up on his promises?

It seems that hummie has left this forum after a short touch in may.

Can someone please lock this thread?
It’s not one of my fondest memories of this forum and without jeffreywalton’s (flagged) post this topic would already have been locked.