Please allow builds v7.0 compatible with Mac OS X 10.14

Everything’s in the title.

Please allow me and my old but reliable MacPro 5,1 2010 access to new capabilities and bug fixes. Buying a new MacPro would be sooo expensive… 10.14.6 is the latest OS available before programmed obsolescence.

If not possible would it be possible to compile successfully the 7.0 source on this computer? By what means at best: xcode, brew, gcc, macports, other? (I’m a newbie as for compiling, and often experiencing compile errors…)

Unfortunately ports to older OS/X versions depend on the macports volunteer(s).

And that may not even be enough for you, as that requires 10.15.

OK I’ll try to find out by myself.

Just saw this tutorial:

If this doesn’t work I can try to force Mac OS 10.15 Catalina install with DOSdude. Numerous advices + videos available on Google by typing: force os x 10.15 on macpro 5,1

The was updated a year ago. At that time v7 wasn’t released yet. So maybe those instructions are for v6, which you already have.

Right! Maybe new source instructions were used in 7.0 source that will become invalid to ancient compilers (such as Xcode 13.3.1) and result into errors?

Please if anyone knows the answer before I mess everything up…

Maybe you can contact the macports volunteer and ask to join the effort?

Why not! But I’m a dead beginner at compiling on Mac. Not sure that I will be of any help.

How can I contact the MacPorts volunteers?

Start here maybe? kicad | MacPorts

:ok_hand: will do that…
Thanks and have a good day (here is off day for WWII victory day)

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