Placing / Moving a virtual component (no pads)

I occasionally want to bring just a 3D model into my layout to show fit. Heat sinks for example.
In that case, there do not seem to be good options. Here is what I have done. I am asking if there is a better way.

  1. create footprint with one pad, associate the 3Dmodel to it. In layout this works, I can move the virtual component by grabbing it by the one pad. Down-side, I have a pad on my layout that does not belong. What I have done with heat-sinks is place that pad at the same place as a mounting hole on the layout. That creates two overlapping pads, which is okay, except I have to ignore the DRC error.
  2. create a footprint with NO pad, associate the 3D model. In layout, after I place it, I can’t seem to move it. There doesn’t seem to be a way to grab that part without a pad. Good news is there are no DRCs.

Any other suggestions? Goal would be to place a virtual component, and be able to move it around, without introducing any layout features that will cause fabrication or DRC issues.


I think I just answered my own question. I did something that I had not tried before - I drew a shape on the F_FAB layer, and with that, I can grab the part and move it around, even without a pad.
This is a good solution -

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All my footprints have something at Fab layer so I didn’t checked how with footprint without it.
Hotkey ‘M’ (move) really don’t works for them?

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