Placing MicroVias while routing

When routing I can place a Micro-Via with CMD-V. This places a Micro-via from L1 to L2, but I want it to be 2 stacked Micro-Vias going from L1 to L3. To do this I need quit the routing, double click on the Micro-via, and then edit the end layer to In2. Then I can go back to routing the net on In2.

Would it be possible to make the CMD-V hotkey continue to press down to another layer if you hit it twice in succession?

Also if I’m on an inner layer how do I control whether CMD-V puts a micro via to the next layer below or brings you back up to the layer above?

thanks, Allan


You can assign a hotkey to “Select Layer and Place Micro Via”, which doesn’t have one by default. I put it on Shift+V. Then, you get a dialog asking which layer you want it going to. The dialog isn’t too cumbersome to interact with while routing. It only allows you to choose vias one layer away.

For stacked vias, there’s no particularly easy way, but it’s not too hard either, and no need to quit routing. I do this: from the first layer, Ctrl-V to micro down to layer 2, then Shift-V+dialog to micro down to layer 3.

I’d be pretty cool to have a quick function to just stack micros down from layer M to layer N. It occurs to me that this should be very quick to do with a plugin if we could map hotkeys to plugin functions, but alas, I don’t believe this is possible yet.


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