Placing (i.e. distributing) identical units of component on multiple sheets (based on same file)

I have four sheets based on the same schematic file, working all fine. Now I need to add a single AND port to each of these four sheets, so I selected the CD4081 symbol, holding the main part (for power/ground) and four separate units for the four individual AND ports.

However, when I place one of units in one of the sheets, it gets copied to the others sheets too (including the unit identifier, e.g. “A”). I was expecting this to happen, but of course it is not what I want.

Is there a way to distribute “identical” units over sheets?

Do I understand correctly that you would like to use unit A in one sheet, B in another, and so on? I think for this the power unit E has to be outside the sheet. I’ve put the power unit on the sheet in one design but that one used both units of a 7474 on a sheet so it was “self-contained”.

Yes: moving the units around and distributing them over various sheets is not a problem. The issue is that the units are copied when using identical sheets having different names but based on the same underlying schematic file.

In a setup as below, I’d like to place the shared power unit U14E in sheet #1, and the other four units holding the individual ports U14A, U14B, U14C, U14D in the sheets #2, #3, #4, #5, respectively. But moving around units this way multiplies them through the underlying, shared schematic file.

You have to edit each instance to set the actual unit (and reference) used there.

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Ah, this helped me to find out how to do this: You should not try to move all the individual units to the individual sheets, as they will be copied to all sheets. Instead, move one of the units to one of the sheets, and then adjust the unit identifier in each of the sheets; the symbols (i.e. the pins) will be adjusted accordingly. Then simply remove the original units that you haven’t placed.
Thanks for helping out!

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