Placing cursor in the middle of the pad


Protel used to help placing cursor in the middle of the pad to measure distance between centers of the pads.
Can this be done i KiCad?


KiCad version 5 is rather limited with how one can measure footprint features within it. Which is why i basically used freecad plus librecad for reviews of contributions to the official lib. My process is described here Tutorial: How to check footprint correctness?

Thank you Rene, I just started learnig KiCad and I’m missing the old good Protel already :slight_smile:

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Hold down the alt key to ignore the grid and only snap to hotspots (like pads)


Thank you :clap: you just made my KiCAD life so much easier.

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That’s AWSOME Seth! Thank you very much! This makes me say Protel bye bye with no remorse.

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Sadly this is not an option inside the footprint editor. And it is a bit counter intuitive that i need to insert the footprint into pcbnew to check its measurements.

Preferences were a little bit different in v5.1 between footprint editor and pcbnew.


Damn i seem to be blind today

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