Placing a Target 'object'

in an old project i’ve managed to place a ‘target’ object (not a grid/drill origin) but i can not remember how i did it, here you can see what it looks like:

i cannot find the way from menu or button, maybe there is an hot key?

i have attached a pcb file containing the target.

delme7.kicad_pcb (2.6 KB)

IIRC, which is always a risk these days, they are called fiducials and are now in the library.


No longer available in V7

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That one is not in my Fudicial lib.

However, I can copy it from your posted PCB file, then paste it into another PCB and it’s a polyline so, I can move it into other layers by python just like other polylines

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Ha! that’s why i couldn’t find the way to place it.
However the ‘plumbing’ is still in place even in 8.0.0-rc2, they have only removed the faucets :slight_smile: