Placement is not automatic in Copper side?

KiCad DSocumentation Says
“The automatic placement feature allows the placement of footprints
onto the 2 faces of the circuit board (however switching a footprint
onto the copper layer is not automatic).”

So How we can do autoplacement in the back side? I know I can manually flip to other side. But When I Autoplace Kicad places components only on the front side. So what option we can enable so that Kicad places all the “not fixed” components in copper side also?
Or we have ot manually place components on the other side, Kicad will will simply move and place suitabily?

Poor English, that sentence might mean auto-placement can be done on both sides, but no automatic flipping ie both layers are placed independently.
I don’t use auto-placing. This is something humans are still better at

So Autoplacement only on front side. I also tried this auto placement and found it not useful in my case . So manually placing now.

I tested this, by making a using Global Spread and then flipping half the parts. Auto place then places both sides.
It is not at all useful because:

  1. It does not allow any, and in particular smd parts to be on both sides of the board at the same location
  2. It does not automatically flip parts