Place via on a rotated component

I need to connect this BGA nrf52 controller using via in pad (WLCSP package) on a rotated component.
The current rotation is 20° but even using 45° does not change the results. With the rotation the pad are not anymore aligned to the grid and I’m unable to place the via centered to the pad, even reducing the grid to minimum is not possible.
I’m using kicad version 6 RC1 (git version) but is the same for version 5 (tested).

Do you have any solution to that?
Creating a python script that add all via automatically can be a way to place centered vias below the BGA pad? If yes, do you suggest a good starting example?

In the image below are the via placed manually and the arrows show the misalignment.

I am using 6.0 which may be different. But under Preferences PCB Editor Editing Options; see “Magnetic Points.” In my dialog box it is in the upper right.

Thank you Bob,
I’m also using version 6.0. I tested your proposal but the via is always centered based on the grid and there aren’t any “magnetic” effect to the pad.
I need to place the via under the pad, and must be centered. To me seems that the magnetic points settings is only for traces.

Edit: seems that setting “Always” to the magnetic points works for everything except for via placement. Shall I open a new request on the issue tracker?

Hi @AlmAck
Have you tried: right click via / special tools / position relative to… / select item ?

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Oh, got it, it works like that! thanks
Seems more a workaround that a proper solution :grinning: shall I open a bug to improve the positioning of vias and be able to snap to pad?

I was messing around with vias yesterday… just to see what could be done.

Worth a try. Give 'em something to think about.

Issue created:


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