Place--->Place Footprint Automatically

Must I have make something, before to place the footprints automatically?Because when I selected the footprints, for automatically placement, it do not work.

It doesn’t place the footprints to any better places. It just distributes them so that they don’t overlap. If you updated the PCB from the schematic in a recent KiCad version with the default modern toolkit, you already got the footprints distributed.

And will it be better to download new release?So far was it descovered any bug? :grinning:

If they are not overlapping then you already have “automatic placement” which is not a very good name. You might be interested in a recent plugin that makes the board placement mirror the schematic placement which is somewhat less random than automatic.

Placement is one of the hardest parts of board design. I easily spend far more time moving components around than routing.

I am beginner, in electronic designing automation,and I have some problems with the routing track thorough components.

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