Pipeline fails when deploying addon update

I’ve successfully published a new addon to the Package Metadata repo few weeks ago.
I’m actively developing it and now I’d to publish an update. I’m assuming that the CI/CD validation steps should be able to catch the change in the addon version (in the metadata.json) and trigger the proper flow of actions.
Looking at the pipeline log (on my Package Metadata fork) it seems not being the case, no modification is detected, and the pipeline fails


could you help me understand what I’m doing wrong?


Tooltip should help


You should validate your user
More info here How to prevent crypto mining abuse on GitLab.com SaaS | GitLab

If you don’t want to provide payment card info to gitlab then you can verify your package locally using the packager tool from the repo. Then ask on your MR for one of KiCad team members to manually trigger pipeline run for you.

good point. reviewing the user settings and logs from previous (successful) MRs I realized that the user is in fact already validated, but its token was expired.
because of that, the CI workflow from github was not able to push to gitlab as the validated user and was falling back to a generic/default “github” user

updating the token fixed the issue


PS: gotta love this community and the always super quick response! thank you @qu1ck for the right pointer

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