PinSocket Footprints in Library: Why Mirrored? [Solved]

Hello! Wondering why all PinSockets in Connector PinSocket are mirror images to the ones in schematics?! They should just simply follow the exact pin order and orientation, but all footprints are mirrored. Am I missing something? Thank you!

Hmm interesting question, I guess the lib maintainers have a good reason.

It doesn’t really matter anyway, the schematic is intended to be a logical representation of the circuit, not the physical layout. If you really need to make it match, you can flip or mirror the symbol very easily.

Edit; I guess the reason is that these connectors are usually used as board to board connectors, in which case one of the connectors is always upside down. To make the pins mate 1-1, the numbering on the socket is reversed.

This might seem arbitrary and specific to a different use case than your own, but that is what you get for using the standard libs. Personally I create my footprints if I need something different to the standard lib.


I think I figured out… I was looking at PinSocket vs PinHeader… and they are mirrored. The pin numbering will be opposite/mirrored, because one is a socket while other is a header and they should able to mate each other! :slight_smile:

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Easy mistake to make. Thank you for reporting back your resolution.

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