Pinned topics on this forum

Apparently there are different ways of “pinning” a topic.
The FAQ index is “Pinned Globally” which means it also shows up in the “latest”.

As a user I can only choose between “unpinned” and “pinned Globally”.

Is there a way to only pin it to the top of the FAQ without it showing up on other sections of the forum?

The main FAQ article is purposefully pinned globally to ensure new users see this collection of topics when they first come to the forum. This is because a lot of questions are already answered just by going through the FAQ.

I don’t think there is a way that you can select for yourself (without affecting others) that the FAQ article is pinned to the FAQ section instead of global.

It’s understandable that the FAQ is pinned globally for new users.

It’s also a bummer that I can only choose between “Unpinned” or “Globally”. To add a “Pinned Nomally” there would probably require a software change for the forum. which seems too far fetched.

I think you need to scroll to the bottom of the FAQ section and it will stop appearing. I know it doesn’t show up for me. Also, there is a difference between “latest” and “new”. Currently the pinned topic of ‘Nightly’s’ shows up. If I use latest it will bubble to the top. If I choose ‘new’ it will stay in order.

I unpinned everything, because I do not want a long list of pinned stuff in “latest”.
The FAQ is chock full with useful info, even as reference for me and of course to point other users to, but without the “FAQ Index” it’s … less useful than it could be.

Just wondering. Would it be easily doable to daily “touch” the FAQ Index from a script, so it stays on top in the FAQ category?

The normal forum view (not the dark one) has a link to the FAQ section at the top. Maybe pointing that link to the index page is a better option.

Have you tried going to the FAQ section, unpinning it there and then scrolling to the bottom of the page? I know I did something to make this work for me quite awhile back.

When I go to the bottom of the FAQ page it changed from Globally Pinned to Unpinned with the comment “This topic is unpinned for you; it will display in regular order”

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Indeed. Those are the only 2 options in my screenshot.

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