Pin table issues

Having found an error on my first KiCad pcb, due to a schematic symbol error, I have had a couple of thoughts, to make this less likely:

Always run Test for duplicate and off grid pins

Put in NC pins, even if you check them invisible

Although I can sort Pin Table by number, it would be better if it did not put all pins on the same NET together in a row, comma separated. It is easier to spot missing pins in a sequential list


hm… unless there is a feature somewhere, running some external python script on your symbols (libs) is always an option to get that kind of info.

I suppose that when you sort the pin table by pin, resulting in a table with the pin rows in the form
1 net f
2,4 net d
3 net a
5 net c
could be considered as a bug as it is NOT by pin

Sorry for the late reply :slight_smile:

The pin table is grouped by pin name by default. You can select a different grouping by clicking on the column header with the right mouse button, selecting the current grouping again disables grouping completely.

So after opening, one click with the RMB on the pin name column header gives you a flat table.

Sorting happens after grouping, and due to a gtk bug, it is also necessary to re-sort after changing the grouping. On Windows, it works because the sorting sticks.

Sorting in the pin number column works by splitting numbers, letters and other characters and sorting each component separately, so 9 comes before 10. Z should also sort before AA.

At the bottom, there is a summary line, which attempts to group all pin numbers that exist (although it does not work properly for BGA components). If you have defined all pins, there should be a single range. If pin 12 of a 20 pin component is missing, it would read “1-11,13-20”.

I’m totally open for suggestions on how to make this more intuitive :stuck_out_tongue:

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You could display a small somewhere in the column header to show in what direction this column is sorted. (only the column that is sorted has an arrow.)
Similar to what file browsers do. At least nemo in list view

We have both grouping (RMB) and sorting (LMB). Sorting is indicated normally with arrows, but grouping isn’t.

I used kicad for 3 years now. I look very often at this table. (Because i check contributions to the lib.) I did not know about this grouping thing until now.

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That is a very good reason why we need to make this more intuitive.

FWIW, I plan to make some fields writeable soon, and also add row addition/deletion to quickly create pins.


If you have a multiple unit symbol is there a way to quickly create the pins using the edit pin table feature and assign which unit of the symbol the pins go to?