Pin Name and number rotation

Is it possible to rotate them 90° in the symbol editor


Sorry, not in the stable version 5.1.9. Don’t know about 5.99 as my virtual machine where it was running just flipped the bird and went poof…

I thought it would be possible, but when I test, no.

I have thought of a quick workaround as shown below, just hide the pin number/name and put your own:

However, it would be nice to be able to rotate those parameters.

Nothing in 5.99 as of this reply.

I once offered a fully functional implementation in the old file format.
Wayne did not consider, which made sense, since the file format since has fundamentally changed.
Would have to reload the implementation effort for the current file format.
Provided the file format is stable enough to go ahead again.

5.99 symbol/schematic file format should be stable now. Rotating these items would require another format change and would be considered for v7 after v6 has been released.

There is no change in the current file format required. I checked that already.
All necessary information to implement rotation is already present in the file format.
It’s the actual implementation that needs a restart.

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Just ask in the developers mailing list.

I considered a new implementation run for some time now.
I’ll trigger the effort per mailing list.


Green lit by Wayne.
The rest is patience :sunglasses:


Cn you please post the link to that mailing list, thanks.
If this comes with V6.0, it will be awesome, thank you all.

No, it would be part of v7. As Wayne said in the list, the file format is frozen now for v6. This feature requires file format change.

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