Pin is connected but there's still an error


I’m just beggining to learn this program and did a ECR and it says there is pin unconnected but as I see it, it is connected.


Do you have anything in another part of the schematic with the label SEG3?


when I first started using kicad I got this error often, usually because the end of the wire and the end of the pin
weren’t aligned correctly, delete the wire and redo it making sure you connect to the tip of the pin, this is
especially important if you are using a very fine grid.


A good way to tell if that pin is actually connected is to use the DRAG feature on the micro-controller symbol.

If the pin moves with the drag, then it is connected.; and the problem is likely at the other end of the net as suggested above.

If the pin does NOT move with the drag, then it is NOT connected to the micro-controller.

Hope this helps.


I would also right click and check properties of that pin versus some of the other pins and see if something there is different. Like is it incorrectly defined as a power pin or other type of pin. Also when you do the drc (lady bug) check what is the message there?