Pin Headers inheriting 'daughter board' pin definitions

I want to crate a PCB that has 2 rows of female headers that accepts a daughter board which has male pin headers, e.g. the daughter board could be an Arduino Nano with male pins. (In any case the footprint and symbol of any daughterboard already exists in the KiCad library)

My questions are…
What’s the best way to ‘inherit’ the pinout usage from the symbol that matches the daughter board to the female header pins?

How can the female headers footprint be made to match the daughter board pin footprint? (Probably very manually (?))

Thanks in advance!

Use the same symbol on both sides and only assign different footprints.

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

Unfortunately that doesn’t work, the pin header has it’s pins count automatically increased (and dimensional change) from what I specified (1x10) to what the daughter-board has. (e.g. each side went from a 1x10 pin header to a 2x10 pin header)

The way I usually go about this is by creating a new footprint that has 2 rows of pin headers (you can base your footprint on a 1x10 footprint and copy/paste it), place both headers on a location that matches the daughter-board footprint and reassign pin numbers. You can also use 2 source files for the 3D preview (the same 3D file placed at 2 different locations).

In order to avoid confusion, I would create 2 separate footprints (male + female).

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