Pick And Place

Hi, After PCB design i extracted the gerber files and components position files form Kicad7. When i send them to the manufacture they found the gerber file and pick and place files are not in alignment. I have placed the grid orgin and components place file orign at left corner down side of the PCB edge.

But still im facing issue., its very urgent because our all things stopped because of this issue. Can anyone help me???

Did you select “Use drill/place file origin” when generating your Gerber, drill, and component placement files? Each of these fabrication outputs has its own option for this.

Yes. I have selected but still the component position file generated X is positive and Y is Positive. But in Layout X position is Positive and Y position is Negative

Not sure exactly but in ‘footprint editor’ preferences under ‘Origins and Axes’ you can alter the directions.


You can double check for any offsets or mirror settings in gerber generation.

I am not fully into KiCAD at this point but taht was an issue in my older PADs system.

Bob K.