Phoenix lever terminal?

Is there any one how knows if ther is a footprint and 3D model for this connector:

I know Ther is for similar Phoenix connectors, but I like this very much and what to see it in the 3D model.

But those don’t go onto PCB’s at all. On one side you put wires into them, and on the other side they probably fit with: PhoenixContact_GMSTBA_2,5_3-G-7,62_1x03_P7.62mm_Horizontal

you can get the 3d model from the manufacturer
down in the section Downloads → CAD data
and arrange it to its mating part

You where to fast for me.

I started experiment. With another connector: Weidmüller MPS 5/04 S TN B B

I proudly present:

But it was just an experiment.

If I going to put them in KiCad and mazbe share them, I need som guid lines.

How do I draw the foot print acording to som standard?

For exampel, how far from the actual component should the silc screen be?

How far from the component should the F.Coutyard be?

What should be the name? “MPS 5/04 S TN B B”?

The white line on the midle of the footprint witch I copied from Phoenix Contact what is that for?
You can also se that the conector must be on the edge of the pcb otherwise the connector is not possible to mount.

How do I show that to they how use the this component?

For exampel should I do this with the silcscreen?

Also should I save origin at a specific place on the footprint?

There are a lot of recommendations for footprint design in the KLC (KiCad Library Convention)

Whooo that’s alot. Get back when I read.