Personal path at KiCad 6

At Microsoft Windows KiCad 6 create several personal folders at the path: Users*User*\Documents\KiCad\6.0
like ‘projects’, ‘footprints’, ‘symbols’ e.g.
Is it possible to change this path? I haven’t found any possibility as yet.

It can’t be changed, but don’t have to use them. KiCad is agnostic about them; it can find projects anywhere and you can set up path variables and library tables so that libraries are found wherever you want.

There is something silly going on.

V6 The same folder is also created on MacOS, why?
Also I got a folder in my iCloud named KiCad/5.99 and I never or ever did download 5.99. So thats weird!
BTW, on MacOS its irritant to have it in the Documents folder because when you put the documents and desktop folder on the iCloud, it could be that the file is on the Cloud but not locally. Did someone think about that?

Maybe not. If that could be a problem, please file an issue.