Personal libraries with 7.0.0-rc1

Now the shock of seeing Kicad 7 rc1 has subsided, on inspection, I found I had to install my personal libraries.
Has anyone else had to do this, or did I press a wrong button somewhere?

Did we also have to install personal libraries when 6.0.0 arrived? I honestly just can’t remember :blush:

i just copied
~/.config/kicad/6.99/sym-lib-table to ~/.config/kicad/7.0/sym-lib-table
~/.config/kicad/6.99/fp-lib-table to ~/.config/kicad/7.0/fp-lib-table
and lived happily ever after :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Claudio.Lorini .

I’d installed them before I’d started the thread. I was wondering if others needed to install personal libraries also. Reading your comment, I assume you also had to install them.

no, i simply used the same personal libraries i was using under 6.99, but since my list is long and growing:

the trick with the config files avoids me 10 minutes of point&click :slight_smile:

I did the same… he he, Great minds think alike!

You did have to point Kicad at those libraries, which I called installing.

I guess I didn’t click any wrong buttons when installing 7rc.

On Win11 I just copied over %appdata%/kicad and documents/kicad.
Nothing else was required.

That works if you only use personal libraries, but I’m not sure about that when you use the default libraries.

I compared them with MeldMerge and both the symbol and footprint libtables have some new entries for 7.0 that are not present in V6.99 lib-table files.

It is possible my old V6.99 is not complete in some way.
With a merge program such as meldmerge it’s quite easy to modify these files.

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Oh no, you too?
There are reasons those change. (see my previous post). I also noticed that some bugs in the shortcut keys have been fixed (V6.99 appeared to have some faulty assignments)

Most of the files have differences. In for example the “user.hotkeys” file some (I assume obsolete) settings have been removed, for example:


The backtick has been reassigned from “highlight net” to “highlight selection” and other subtle changes.

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I was aware of that possibility, judged the risk to be minor and just wanted to have a quick look how things go. Eventually I will re-install 7.0.

In user.hotkeys there are some 9 or so additions and app. 20 changes of assigned keys. So quite a difference, you were right.
Mergemeld helped here, thx for the tip, I rarely use/need such tools.