Personal footprints via on demand Github plugin (error reading zip local header)

What’s required to add a github footprint library?

I saved my footprints to Github and added them to the Footprint library, however I get an error message saying “error reading zip local header”.

This is what I added:
Active: Checked
Nickname: Personal
Library Path:
Plugin Type: Github
Options: (None)
Description: My Personal Footprints

I also tried library paths:

No success. Perhaps I’m missing something obvious here?

PS.: I’m using the new KiCad 5, footprints were made in KiCad 4

If you want to use the github plugin then you need one repo per library. (meaning you would need to create a repo called “Misc.pretty”)
This is the reason why we do no longer use it for the official library. (Basically unmaintainable)

If you want to use your current repo layout then you would need to manage git outside of kicad and point kicad to the local location of it. (This is also the only way how you can make changes to your library as kicad can only read from github via the github plugin. It can not write)

Ah that’s too bad. Well, thanks for the clarification!

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