Peculiar fuchsia colored ratsnest-like lines?

I just changed the footprint for a component and now find these strange lines appearing in PCB Editor (v6):

They appear to connect every element in the footprint to pin 1. They appear only when the component is selected, and only when B. Silkscreen is visible.

I’ve never seen them before, and can’t quite imagine what they’d be used for…

(and am wondering how to get rid of them?)

I think, visual link to the all the text. I’ve not seen that before.

Perhaps because most footprints just have reference & value text. Not pin definition text.
Try a different footprint.

Ralph is right, the text locations are bind to the footprint origin, and the lines are visible only when the footprint is selected. If there weren’t those lines and text would be placed outside footprints, it would be impossible to know which text belongs to which footprint.

Very useful feature of Kicad it is too.

Ah, I see. Ok.
Thanks very much.

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