Pdf schematic shifted to the right

I’m using kicad 5.1.6 on FreeBSD. For some time now I’ve found when I save an A4 format schematic as pdf and print it the right side is clipped.

Today I happened to download and print an A4 schematic someone else created and it printed without clipping. When I compared it with one of mine I see it was created with 5.1.2 and that my schematic is shifted about 7.5mm to the right. If I shift the two pages I see that the borders and title box all line up.

Any ideas how I can adjust this? Is this a regression introduce after 5.1.2?

It turns out this is a known problem: Schematic Not Centered in Printed Document (lp:#1832997)

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Did you plot or print to .pdf? Maybe plot works better? I like plot better because you can find text for example with the plotted .pdf but not with the printed .pdf.

Thank you for the excellent suggestion! Plot even offers a better default path for where to save the output file.

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