Pcbnew wrong footprint on print out


I am very new to all this and I am not using an English KiCAD version so please be patient with me.

My latest board uses some oddly shaped footprints for my chip on board (COB) components. In pcbnew the design is as I wanted it and also the Gerber files seem to be okay but when I do a print out one of my three pads is missing and the other two look differently. I am not sure if this is a bug or if I did something wrong.
On the left is the print out and on the right is a pcbnew screen shot.

What is your kicad version?
What operating system?
What print dialog did you use? What where the settings of it?
Can you share the footprint?

I am using the latest version 5.0.1
I am on a Windows 7 machine
I used the print button from the menu bar and used the default settings.

Sorry but I am not allowed to upload the footprint. How else can I send you the footprint?

Is this a restriction of the company you are working at or one of the forum?

If it is the later then read a few posts and you should get promoted to basic user. Or upload your footprint to the cloud (example google drive) and add the link to it to your post.

If it is a restriction by the company then make sure that you do not get into trouble for sending it to me personally. If this is an option then you can sent me a personal message here on the forum. (This might also require you to be a basic user.)

It was due to forum restrictions. Here is the footprint:
down.kicad_mod (908 Bytes)

I can not reproduce your problems in either version 5.0.0 under windows 7 nor nightly under linux.
This means it is either some wrong setting (In the project or in the print dialog) or a bug that got introduced to version 5.0.1. You might want to head over to the bugtracker for this.

Could you try to create a completely new project, add only that footprint and print that?

I just tried that and the result is the same. The pad in the middle is missing. So you think this is a bug that needs to be reported?

Print function works well in 5.0.1 linux

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