Pcbnew white connection lines lost

In Pcbnew, when you load the netlist, the components are shown connected with white lines. This has been working fine. However, they appear to be now lost / gone / vanished.
Thus, as the white connection lines are lost, I am unable to add any track to the pins.
See attached screen shot.
Pin 2 should have a thin white line showing its connection to another component, but, now is gone (it was there).
I have re-generated the netlist from Eeschema, and reloaded it in Pcbnew, but still no white lines.



Working with separate netlist files has been deprecated for some 3 to 5 years. The “new” method is to use Eeschema / Tools / Update Pcb from Schematic [F8]

Those white lines are called “Ratsnest”, and you can toggle it with:
Pcbnew / View / Show Ratsnest.
For quick access there is also an icon for it on the left side of the screen:

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Hi Paul,
No joy. Ratnests is turned on as I can see other white lines showing connections (see attached screensot). have tried using the ‘‘Eeschema / Tools / Update Pcb from Schematic [F8]’’ but no change seen.
Still missing the white ratnest lines.

if I delete a bit of track, the white ratnest line is shown, so, I know the ratnest view is ON.

Any other suggestions to try?


In the above pic you can see a white ratnest line. However, there should be a white ratnest line between pin 2 of TR9 to PA4. The network text on pin 2 of TR9 confirms this.

May be you have zone connecting them and hidden.

Hi Piotr,
Fixed it now. It didn’t show any errors when I ran the DRC, however, I added a label before and after the pad connection (both labels where called the same), then it worked!

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You must have turned off the white lines. You need to enable the ‘Show board ratsnest’ option. Check the screenshot.

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