PCBNew: White color for pad holes in color mode print

Please compare print in 5 and 6 versions and explain how set white color for pad holes in KiCad 6 in color mode.
KiCad 5:

KiCad 6:

I can’t answer that question but will write something that may be will be useful (or may be not).
I was trying to get pictures like yours when V5 was introduced. But noticed some problems:

  • there were some bugs (don’t remember details) with colors (I reported and it was fixed),
  • changing colors to gray was easy, but I didn’t found the simple way to do it only temporary to simply get back to my working colors (closing PCB without saving didn’t worked).
  • when I had elements at bottom I had some problems with getting bottom view (don’t remember details),
  • I wanted SVG output (to simply insert in LibrOffice Writer document), and I could’t get one picture with element references and one with element values if I had both at the same layer. The flags hiding them at screen were not used during Print or Export. So to get these two types of picture I had to block for it two pairs of (F/B) layers and there is not a lot of such pairs.

We decided (years ago) to have drawing with references (I think typical), but also to have separate drawing with values (if I am modifying something at PCB I am not interested in references but in values).
So I decided to use Plot to SVG (you can plot with values and separately with references) and then mix plots using Inkscape. Mixing is very simple. My current process:

  • if something is sticking out of the left or the top of PCB then add a very thin and short line at Edge.Cuts to be the top-left of everything at PCB.
  • plot to SVG typically 3 layers (with PCB edge added to all of them).
  • open copper layer with inkscape,
  • rectangle select all,
  • click at gray 10% and shift+click at 10% to get it grayed,
  • Ctrl+Shift+R to have the page as PCB,
  • import the other layer (accepting default - in previous inkscape version there were no questions),
  • manually set 0 in X: and Y: windows,
  • the same with next layer (if needed),
  • Ctrl+Shift+R if the added layer is bigger ten PCB (dimension lines for example),
  • save my picture.

I had only short look at V6. It looks that getting back to colors after having set the gray for getting the pictures is now simple. I don’t know yet, but if it is still not possible to Print or Export with references/values hidden than I will stay with my way.

I have just checked - I have no holes at my output at all, but I don’t want them.

I have written just assuming that may be it will be useful to you or someone else.

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