PCBNew - Update Footprints from Schematic - Add link footprints using timestamps (Unique ID)

It’s a common workflow. The user wants to rename a reference designator, but doesn’t want to loose the link between Schematic<>PCB. The Netlist Importer has an option to “Link footprints using timestamps (Unique ID)”. But the Update Footprints from Schematic dialog does not have this option. I am requesting the addition of this option in the Update Footprints from Schematic Dialog box, which would allow the user to rename the item in the Schematic and sync those changes to the footprint more easily than creating a netlist and importing it that way.

Netlist Importer
Screenshot 2024-01-06 051431

Update PCB from Schematic
Screenshot 2024-01-06 051607


To use your workflow it’s not necessary to implement your request for a new radio button “Link footprints using timestamps (Unique ID)”.

Instead you could utilize the existing checkboxes in the “update pcb from schematic” dialog (especially look at the first checkbox).

I have never seen (or don’t remember) this first dialog box, but it looks that two radio-buttons from first dialog box were simply replaced with one check-box in second dialog box. If you switch off linking by reference than only one way left is to link by timestamp.

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I could not recall seeing it either, but it is still present in both KiCad V7.0.10 and V7.99. It’s location is PCB Editor / File / Import Netlist.

It’s the netlist importer dialog which should be revised, not the Update PCB from Schematic dialog. The latter’s UI was enhanced at some point, but the netlist import function is so rarely needed that apparently it was neglected.

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Issue created:

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