PCBnew Track and Via drop-downs -- how to use?

I’m wondering how you’re supposed to use the Track and Via drop-downs in PCB new.

I see you can add more items using Design Rules > Global Design Rules. But then what?

The only thing I seem to be able to do with these controls is to set the track or via size that the tool will use for subsequently-added tracks or vias.

What I was expecting was that there would be some way to apply those settings to existing tracks/vias. Like select the track and then right-click > something.

There are UI elements to change the track or via size:
In OpenGL, right-click > Properties lest you change track width, but by typing in a new value, not picking from a list.

In Legacy display mode, when you right-click on a track, there’s an item “Change track width”, which does nothing – no dialog appears, and no change on the drawing. There’s also “Select track width”, but it doesn’t seem to affect the track, just changes the drop-downs.

Am I missing something here? How are these drop-downs, and the multiple global track/via settings supposed to be used?

Thanks, Graham

“Change track width” and “Change segment width” change the width of the track/segment to the currently selected width. So use “Select track width” to set the width, and then “Change track/segment width” to change the width of tracks.

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Huh, yes that works, at least in Legacy mode. Thanks, it would never have occurred to me that’s what those menu items mean!

So, we might call the drop-downs the “Active Track/Via configurations (for unclassed tracks/vias)”. Then the right-click menu items would be:

– Set Active Track configuration (currently: Select Track Width)
– Set Active Via configuration (currently: no existing item)

– Apply Active Track/Segment configuration (currently: Change Track/Segment Width)
– Apply Active Via configuration (currently: Change Via Size and Drill )

I notice that the Active track configuration, and the Global Design Rules it chooses from, doesn’t include a clearance spec. It seems a bit odd to accommodate ad hoc adjustment for current (width) but not for voltage (clearance).

Anyhow, is there a way to perform these same functions in the OpenGL UI?

In the nightly version in the Properties menu. Instead of typing a new value there is a drop down list.

Thanks pedro. I guess that’s a motivation to try a more recent version than the current stable one.