Pcbnew to remove track

I made a change in my schematic and after selecting each of the four buttons Annotate through NET. I switch to PCBNew. Reading Netlist, I use the option of Delete extra footprints and Delete Unconnected Tracks. There are tracks in still PCBNet that were removed in the schematic. What am I missing?

Run drc once. What does happen.

Could you post a screenshot of the pcb that shows us what your exact problem is?
Did you try to close pcb_new and reopening it? (After saving the netlist import)

The component of interest is J8 pins 2 to 4. Since it is power related, I initially had the run wider than the the default. I changed it to default and here is what I got.

Under nightly in open gl mode there is a tool cleanup tracks and vias found under Edit. (I think this also exists in the stable release. It might be called differently though.)

Thank you. When I ran DRC, it found that run and a couple of run “chips” hidden under pads